“Great room, great drums, great drummer, great guy. What more do you need?”

Jay Condiotti – Producer, NoizyNinja Productions

“How wonderful it is to receive drum tracks are played to perfection and fall into a mix effortlessly.”

Bruce Irvine – Mixer/Producer: Guns N’ Roses, Whitesnake

“Any groove, any style, anytime is what Ryan Hoyle gave me every time, in the studio or live.”

Ed Roland – Multi-Platinum selling Singer/Songwriter: Collective Soul

Ryan is a pleasure to work with. He always starts a project by asking the right questions and then listens intently to my answers. Because he listens so well, the resulting work is always in-line with my vision for the project. In short, he gets it right the first time, on time. This ability to serve the work and not his ego is one of the reasons I keep coming back. Combine that ethic with chops that are second to none in the industry, an excellent studio space housing a carefully selected collection of iconic drums, mics and pres and you have the perfect drum tracking storm.

Steve HornerComposer/Producer: A Million TV and Film credits

Hands down the best live drum recording experience of my entire 20+ year career

Anthony J. Resta – Gold and Multi-Platinum award winning producer-Collective Soul, Duran, Duran, Tracy Bonham

Ryan, a pleasure working with you today! The studio is really happening. I’ll keep my ears open for more stuff to work on. All the best, Lee

Leeland Sklar – Bass Player to the Stars: Phil Collins, James Taylor, Rod Stewart Etc…

Hi Ryan, It turned out great! I really appreciate the additional percussion. It’s so nice to get solid drums that don’t require any editing so that I can focus in the fun stuff. Thanks!

Johan Folke – Swedish Producer, Composer, Engineer

Ryan, thanks for asking! The tracks are fantastic. We have started tracking vocals and the songs are really beginning to come together. Honestly, these are the best drum sounds I’ve worked with in the 10 years I’ve been recording drums…I’ll have to steal some of your ideas about workflow as well, it was great to see someone who has all the process nailed down like that. Can’t wait to start mixing these.

Hopefully well see each other soon.

Johannes Raassina – LA Producer

I just wanted to let you know that we have listened to a few samples that Johan Folke sent us and they sound amazing. The kick and snare is awesome and the room is fantastic. I believe this kit will be even more than we expected.

We have been working really hard on our software the last couple of months. We are extremely happy with the software now and think it will be well received by musicians and producers around the world.

Super-nice work with the recordings! I will keep you updated about “Ryan Hoyle’s Radio Drums” sample library.

Best Regards!

Andreas Pallüth – Swedish software creator: Centipeak Drum Experience

I wanted you to know that our session is saving me big time this week. I had a huge challenge in front of me this morning with the amount of minutes assigned to me this week, and it turns out that everything we did…all the wacky brushed mandolin material is working PERFECTLY with the theme they want for this episode! It couldn’t have been any better timing. Thank you!

Layla Minoui – LA Film Composer: Castle, The Gates, Lie To Me

I’ve mixed at least 4 or 5 tracks that you’ve played on (that I know of) and everything is always 5 star – the sounds – the quality of the recording and great options and flexibility you deliver track wise – makes it easy dude.

I’ve mentioned your name to people in the past – I’m glad you reached out – I’ve got your email now – hit me with a phone number and I’ll definitely pass the info on to anyone that could use you.

Thanks again!

Rob Beaton – LA Film Mixer: Inception, Batman Begins, Oceans 11 & 12

Ryan’s a very musical drummer and that’s very hard to find. He’s a perfectionist and he takes it to the most finite detail as far as how he approaches drums as an instrument. He’s a great player and he’s got a helluva studio. He’s got every drum you can think of and his studio is like a toy store. Ryan can play it, engineer it, and got all the drums and microphones ready to go. I’d say the songs were about half-way done when Ryan got them and he’s so smart he knew exactly where the direction of the songs were going. Ryan’s drumming just enhanced whatever I did and gave it the full power it needed. The amazing thing was we didn’t spend a whole lot of time talking about the arrangement of the song. He just played and he found the most important parts real quickly.

Will Turpin – Bassist for Collective Soul

I just got a copy of Matthew’s [Puckett] record. You sound killer! Your pocket is great, and the drum recording sounds amazing! Thanks for recommending me to him.

Jon Button – Bass Player to the stars- Sheryl Crow, The Who, Shakira

Just listened to it about 1/2 a dozen times. You nailed it ! Wow! Love the understated intro, gradually increasing presence and then, at 26 second the cymbal wash and drum in ernest really propel the track.Are those your vintage Paiste 602 cymbals on the B section ? They are really sweet. Gorgeous decay on them. You’ve really brought the track to life.What else can I say Ryan. My hope for this track has ascended !What a wonderful experience collaborating with you. You make it so easy man.

Here’s to the first many !!! Cheers!

Guy Maisonneuve – Composer- Quebec, Canada

Wow! It sounds perfect! I am so happy. The song flows so much better now….I am actually shocked at how much better the song feels and flows…I really love how you opened up the groove on the verses…right away, it just feels so much better..with the added snare hit—it really keeps the motion going. love the performance… really suits the song w/ a nice 60’s vintage rock feel.Also, that was a great idea about the bridge with the toms and the perc…. it really helps elevate that section. All of the fills are exactly the kind of thing I love and they work great for the song. The sound of the kit is totally what I had in mind too!Thanks again! I hope you have time to work on some more…I’d love to send you another track or two in the next few weeks.

David Klotz – Music Editor for the 20th Century Fox show “GLEE”

+1 for Ryan here too. I’ve been tracking drums over at his studio in Burbank for my project. Great gear (API pres and EQ’s, Neve pre’s, 1176’s, Vintage Neumanns, and AKG C12a mics, etc), and a well designed room sound. Great collection of tuned up drums for different sounds. It’s an impressive setup for anyone who is looking to record drums. We’ve used him on theme songs for primetime TV too, as well as score work…he’s my only call when we need drums here at FOX.

Ward Hake – VP of Music for 20th Century Fox

I would also like to recommend Ryan Hoyle. I write music for prime time TV shows (ABC’s “Castle” and “Missing”). Ryan is fast, spot on, reliable and his drum sound is so great that I don’t need to do a thing to it. That saves me a lot of time!I started out as a drummer and spent a decade as a sound engineer. I am very picky when it comes to a great drum sound and accuracy. Ryan is also very nice to work with. He goes the extra mile to make you absolutely happy!

Kim Planert – Composer, ABC’s “Castle”, “Missing” etc…

Another recommendation for Ryan Hoyle here. Besides being a first rate session guy he really has incredible gear as far as drum collection, mics, pre’s etc. Love his attention to detail, always gives you more than you pay for. The pro tools sessions you get back from Ryan are dialed in to the T.

Rudy Haeusermann – Producer/Engineer/Mixer: Ke$ha, Snoop Dog, Adam Sandler

I just did a session in [Ryan’s] room and it is truly incredible sounding and totally streamlined for getting right to the musical part of the process.

David Peters – LA Producer, Mixer, Artist

Ryan Hoyle is a treat to work with! After working with him once, I’ve never used another drummer! He’s got great energy in the studio and doesn’t stop until he’s 150% happy with his performance. I can’t wait to work with him in studio again and for the chance to work with him live!

Deborah Gibson – Singer/Songwriter: Multiplatinum Selling Pop Icon

In over 14 years of working on drum tracks performed by some of the worlds most renown session drummers (in studios in Atlanta, Australia, Nashville, New York, Boston, and London) I can whole heartedly give Ryan Hoyle my higest endorsement. He’s one hundred percent “A list” all around. Ryan’s creativity and originality in both playing the right parts for the songs, and coming up with a special handcrafted sound for each and every project is simply astounding and of the highest level. On top of that he’s an all around great guy.

Anthony J. Resta – Gold and Multi-Platinum award winning producer

I’ve seen Ryan quickly transform a track from bare-bones demo to pro-caliber sounding master. When a writer sends me a song demo containing programmed drums – and needing help to get to a level where we can seriously consider music placement, I send them over to Ryan. Ryan’s drum playing and recording techniques for drums are always a hit with the mixing engineer…his tracks consistently give the artist the edge they need to get their song licensed.

Marty Silverstone – V.P. Creative Services, North Star Media

Ryan is as passionate about his recording setup as he is with his playing and his drum collection. Great setup, turnkey operation. Instead of dragging drums around in a baking truck, hauling them in, re-tuning them, miking them, etc., everything is ready to go. And on top of it all Ryan is a groovemeister. Very happy with my experience there.

CJ Vanston – Producer/Keyboardist: Spinal Tap, Joe Cocker, N’Sync

Not only is he a monster studio and touring drummer, but he is a pleasure to work with. Ryan gets great drum sounds at his studio and can deliver drums tracks very quickly for producers and get it right

Eric Clinger – Manager, Clinger Music Management

Once you go Ryan, you never go back!!…

Aaron Pittman – Producer/President Vara Records, LLC., Atlanta, GA

My cowriter and I had a great experience working with Ryan Hoyle. The tracks we got back were just what the song needed and he went above and beyond to give us sonic options in terms of miking. Ryan rocks!

Kyler England – Singer/Songwriter: The Rescues

I’ve spent thousands and thousands more and gotten much less. Ryan is a concise and creative drummer and his studio is the real deal… Great mics, mic-pres and a wide variety of kits to choose from. I’m not only a client, I’m a fan.

Ross Golan – Writer/Producer, Lionsgate Music

Just heard the tracks-Amazing!!!! Really so so good. Wow. Stunning, creative, great builds, texture, vibrant, artsy, but still poppy-Love it!

Cathy Heller – Singer/Songwriter/Television Personality

Expectations… I initially went into this with limited expectations. I was concerned that my vision for the song might be shortchanged, or that the drum tracks might fall short in some qualitative way. As Ryan began working on the track, it quickly became clear that he totally gets it. He’s asking the right questions, he’s pushing the right buttons, and he’s buying into your vision 100 percent. Motivation… When my mix guy got Ryan’s drum tracks, he was totally blown away, and that was like adding gas to a fire. Not only did the drum tracks sound great, they served to inspire the next guy working on the song. When other people working on your project get that motivated, it’s like a force multiplier. My mix engineer went from ‘we’ve got to do what with who?’ to ‘when can we use Ryan again!’ Experience… As Ryan worked through my project, it was a huge advantage that he had so much different, high-quality equipment on hand-both the drums and the mics. And he knows how and when to use all of it too. He’s as great an engineer as he is a drummer. Turnaround… Once I actually took the leap to do my first song with Ryan, things happened very quickly. Soon after I sent him the rough mix, he had analyzed the song part by part, and had a list of pertinent questions for me. It all fell together so fast. The next day I had my first listen, and we made some minor tweaks. Ryan actually pulls the drum part out of you. When he was done, I felt like I was an integral part of the process. It turned out much better than I had hoped for.Temperament… I’m no rock star with a record deal-just a regular guy with a real job and a dream. I’m paying for the production of my CD on a regular guy’s wages, so I’m hyper protective of the money I’m spending. It’s funny, because Ryan’s actually the rock star, yet he treated me and my project with the same respect he’d give his professional peers. It was a great feeling.

Johnny Hunkins – Singer/Songwriter: Editor of Popular Hot Rodding Magazine

With the variety of projects I cut there is always one constant I can rely on, Ryan Hoyle. Reliable, knowledgeable and professional, Ryan always knows what I’m going for and is able to create any sound or groove I’m hearing. When it comes to drum solutions for your project, there is nobody better.

Jason Land – LA Producer/ Singer/ Songwriter

Talented….intuitive…accomodating…creative…professional. There is not enough space on this page to capture Ryan Hoyle’s ability, experience, and passion as a session drummer. To be sure, his musical ability is readily apparent in the most rocking and dynamic drum lines on the radio, T.V., and in movies. However, I was impressed most by his sincerity and a true love for the music. Ryan is always motivated to make my songs the best they can be. I am an independent producer and musician but Ryan treated me like a major label artist…even better! His turn around time was incredible! He even offered to re-track any session I was unhappy with. (That never happened!!) On this project, I worked with engineers and musicians who have multi-platinum albums between them including The Wallflowers, Blind Melon, Foo Fighters and more. They use Ryan’s studio drum sounds and performances as a gold standard to follow when producing a truly professional track. They even hired him to work with them after hearing my songs! When I decided to work with Ryan Hoyle and The Cave Studio, I got much more than impersonal generic drum tracks for my songs. I got a passionate creative force that infused life into my album and made my job as a producer and songwriter as easy as a walk in the park. Thanks Ryan!

Dr. Mark Lassiter – Producer/ Singer/ Songwriter: Sandrock Productions

Ryan’s got it totally dialed in and tucked away up in the hills. We did a seamless integration between my Logic Pro and his Pro Tools. He’s got more toys, drums, mics and goodies than I’ll ever need. The room is perfect. He can keep it tight or get the big room bombs. Then there’s the drumming… and the hang… toys are neat; but it’s choice company that I dig. He’s also got a wonderful selection of cup-o-soups, which he’ll serve up in a jiffy on his hot plate, which is often followed by a great shoulder rub.

Jason Lucas – Artist/Producer: Access Broadcasting

Ryan is a frontrunner in the new wave of studio musicians. Now us mere mortals can have access to one of today’s best drummers without having to fly out, book a room and sit in an all day session. Instead, like magic, a Pro Tools session leaves my studio over the internet and comes back hours later with perfectly performed and recorded drum tracks by the nicest guy you could ever do business with. Bravo!

Steve Ouimette – Artist/Producer: Guitar Hero, Rock Revolution

Great tone, great feel, great tracks, great guy…Ryan rocks!!!

Andrew Oye – Composer/Producer: http://www.directcomposer.com

Ryan is one of the most professional and creative musicians working in this business. I will can always trust that that he will bring magic to my songs and score. If you’re looking for awesome drums, Ryan is the man.

Matthew Puckett – LA Songwriter/Producer: TV and Movie Soundtrack Guru

Ryan is my go to guy. He totally gets what I need out of a track and has a thorough understanding of many different genres of music. Amazing grooves, great tones, and a truly nice guy to work with.

Mark Riddick – Producer, Mark Riddick Productions Nashville, TN

Hey Ryan, I’m just working on a little ruff-mix of our Disco track and it turns out that the drums really nailed the thing, was exactly what I’ve been looking for. Snare is total killer and I want you to mark this one as an mirko-fav cause I’m sure that we’ll get back to this beast sooner or later! Your drums make the track real breathing and also work perfect on a mastering-stage, very gritty… niiiice. Regarding your timing next week: Apart from Wednesday we’re flexible so let us know whenever you’re in the mood for some laid back chillin’ with the products of our country;-D cheers, mirko

Mirko Schaffer – Producer/Composer: Berlin, Germany

The Cave is Awesome! Ryan Hoyle has really perfected the art of recording the true sound of a drum kit, and when you get him behind the drums… AMAZING!

Patrick Sieben – Singer/Songwriter: Select Three

Ryan it was an absolute pleasure and honour having you work on my songs. You’re so incredibly talented with such amazing energy that goes right into the music. I had so much fun and i look forward to working with you again!

Becca Sopher – Austrailian Singer/Songwriter

Ryan Hoyle is no doubt one of the top very few musicians I’ve ever worked with. Not only he’s one of the best drummers out there, but also (just to name a few) his dedication, attention to details, consistency, and his musicality that set him apart from the other pros. I’m very privileged to have had the opportunities to work with Ryan and hope to work together more whenever possible.

Karyadi Sutedja – Engineer: Bopnique Productions

I loved working with Ryan – I was simply amazed at how quickly he set up and got the sound we wanted! Aside from his outstanding drumming talents, I have to say that I had SO much fun working with Ryan – he’s such an easy-going person and a pleasure to be around!!! I’ll keep coming back!

Marina V – Singer/Songwriter: Moscow/Los Angeles