“My concept is that I am using the finest instruments, microphones and analog outboard gear ever made in a professionally designed/tuned room to record and export raw drum tracks of the very highest quality. My method is to collaborate directly with you the artist/composer/producer to capture the most magical organic performances. Your sessions will contain a fully produced stereo mix and 16 separate drum tracks giving you every option you will need to process and mix your way, for your sound…”


Drum Kits

Recording Studio

1940’s Leedy 3-Ply Maple Kit

Original calf skin heads & brass hoops. THE SOUND of the BIG Band Era! (26×14″ bass, 20×14″ bass, 13″, 14″, & 16″ toms)

LA Recording Studio

Ludwig Classic Maple Jazz kit

From Mitch Mitchell to Amy Winehouse and the Dap Kings! Vintage Jazz-Rock meets Motown (18×14″ bass, 12″ & 14″ toms)

Los Angeles Recording Studio

1996 Sonor Force Maple Kit

From AC/DC to Tool…Nothing sounds like a Sonor (22×16″ bass, 12″, 13″ & 16″ toms)

Recording Studio in Los Angeles

1960’s Ludwig 3-Ply Mahogany Hollywood Kit

THE SOUND of the 60’s…Ringo baby! (22×14″ bass, 13″ & 16″ toms)

70’s Ludwig 3 ply Maple Big Beat kit

The ultimate Classic Rock sound (24×14″ bass, 12″, 13″ & 16″ toms)

1980’s Gretsch Square Badge Kit

From Phil Collins to Metallica…Did someone say Grohl?!?! (24×16″ bass, 12″, 13×9″,13×11″, 14″ & 16″ toms)

Vintage 70’s Roto Tom Kit

E.L.O./The Cars/Queen/SuperFly Baby! (22″ bass, 12″, 14″ & 16″ roto-toms)

Snare Rack

Recording Studio


  • Tama 3.5×12″ Steel
  • Ludwig 6×12″ Maple
  • Tama 4×14″ Bell Brass
  • 1967 Ludwig 3×13″ Supraphonic
  • 1920’s Ludwig Standard 4×14″ Black Beauty Shell
  • 80’s 3.75×14″ Noble and Cooley Solid Shell Maple


  • Tama 5.5×14″ Bell Brass with Bell Brass Hoops!
  • 1920’s Ludwig Standard 5×14″ Black Beauty Shell
  • 1979 Ludwig 5×14″ Black Beauty
  • 63′ Ludwig 5.5×14″ Pioneer
  • 68′ Ludwig 5×14″ Supraphonic
  • 65′ Ludwig 5×14″ Acrolite
  • 62′ Ludwig 5.5×14″ Jazz Festival
  • 30’s Slingerland Radio King 5.5×14″ Solid Maple


  • 1980 Tama 6.5×14″ Bell Brass (The Terminator!)
  • 1978 Ludwig 6.5×14″ Black Beauty
  • 1920’s Ludwig Standard 6.5×14″ Black Beauty Shell
  • Noble and Cooley 6×14″ Alloy Classic
  • 1960’s Ludwig 6.5×14″ Supraphonic
  • Pearl 6.5×14″ Masters Mahogany
  • 1980 Tama 6.5×14″ 12 Ply Rosewood

Super Deep

  • 82′ Tama Superstar 8×14″ Birch

Recording Studio

Recording Gear

The Rack
The Rack




  • 50’s AKG D12
  • AKG D112
  • AKG D12vr
  • 60’s AKG D19c
  • Shure SM 57
  • 60’s Shure Unidyne 548S
  • 60’s Shure Unidyne 545SDS
  • Yamaha Sub-Kick


  • Coles 4038 (x2)
  • Beyerdynamic M-160

Vintage Tubes

  • 50’s Neumann SM2
  • 60’s Neumann U-67’s (x2)
  • 60’s Neumann M-49’s (x2)
  • 60’s Neumann U-64’s (x2)
  • 60’s AKG C12a’s (x2)
  • 60’s Neumann M-582’s (spherical M-50 capsules) (x2)


    • 70’s Neumann U87
    • 70’s Neumann U47 FET
    • 70’s Neumann KM84/85’s (x2)
    • Josephson e22s (x3)
    • 70’s Gefell M93/MV692

Recording Studio

Los Angeles Recording Studio

Ryan Hoyle’s Los Angeles Recording Studio

Music that has been seen on American Idol to many movies this is where it all has began and was recorded. Ryan Hoyle’s Los Angeles Recording Studio is a state of the art Recording Studio in Los Angeles California. Artists come from all around the globe to come record with Ryan. As the old saying goes.. “to sound your best you need to be with the best!” and Ryan Hoyle is one of the best and his premier Recording Studio is waiting for you.

L.A.’s Premier Recording Studio

To book your session with Ryan and his amazing Recording Studio call Ryan today and tell him to let you in! We know you will not be disappointed by the state of the art equipment and Recording Studio that you will want to come every time you want to record anything.

Recording Studio

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