Ryan Hoyle’s Live Drum Tracks.com is a collaborative service that features made-to-order custom drum tracks by top-call Los Angeles based session drummer, programmer, and engineer Ryan Hoyle.


For those of you who are located in the LA area, the studio is set up with a separate control room for you to engineer/produce your own sessions. I have both Pro Tools 9 and Logic 9 available as well as a world class monitoring system for your listening comfort.


For those of you who are not located in the LA area, I will engineer the session for you and deliver fully produced drum/percussion tracks directly to your inbox.


Ryan has logged in 3 albums, 4 Top-20 hits and and over 750 shows as a member of Collective Soul and an RIAA certified Gold live album/DVD with Paul Rodgers band (Lead vocalist for Free, Bad Company, The Firm, and Queen).

Ryan has since recorded tracks for Pet Shop Boys, David Cook, Carrie Underwood, Deborah Gibson, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Guitar Hero 5, Alice Cooper, Christopher Guest, American Idol, themes for ABC’s “Boston Med”, FX’s “Terriers” and Fox Sport’s “Speed Center”, and is currently on the scoring team for ABC’s “Castle” and Fox’s “The Chicago Code”.


My concept is that I am using the finest instruments ever created and legendary analog outboard gear in a professionally designed/tuned room to record and export drum tracks of the very highest quality. My method is to collaborate directly with you the artist/producer to capture the most magical organic performances. Your sessions will contain a fully produced stereo mix and 16 separate drum tracks giving you every option you will need to process and mix your way, for your sound.


In addition to the vast selection of drums, cymbals and other assorted percussion that I have collected over the years, the studio is equipped with: Vintage API, BAE Neve 1073, and UA 610 tube pre-amps as well as Lynx Aurora converters and API eq’s. Our setup features some of the finest classic microphones ever created by Neumann, Microtech Gefell, AKG, Sony, Coles, Shure, etc. The studio is powered by an 16 processor Mac Pro tower and the room features a brand new commercial grade electrical installation with separate circuits and ground systems, solid oak floors, vaulted ceilings, beautifully designed bass traps, and RPG Omnifussor diffusors throughout. Check out the studio.

Please do feel free to email me with any questions that you may have. I look forward to working with you!


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